Does Online Reputation Matter?

Online reputation management is a process characterized by keeping in check the information, which results from searching your name on Google. It also involves ensuring that positive information will come up before the unwanted information. In the recent past, people used the internet for basic information on products. Nowadays, buyers look at the description of products then go further to read the reviews before deciding whether to buy the goods or service. What people are saying about you can be an advantage or disadvantage. This is why it is important to be able to control what people see.
In the management of online reputation, negative content can affect a company. There short-term and long-term effects but this depend on what is said. For instance, complaints are likely to be a short-term negative effect. They will be forgotten as soon the problem is solved. On the other hand, there are negative reviews. This may be a bigger problem because the review will always be seen every time someone views the site, it will be seen. Another case is that of a site that has negative content concerning your company. It will be displayed with the search results of your company, and this may damage the company’s reputation.

Positive online reputation will provide a good image for a company. For a company, which depends on online information, this is an important part of their business. Having high rating and positive reviews can go a long way in maintaining a good online reputation. It is also important for to ensure that company employees avoid scandals and inappropriate posts. There is more information on positive online reputation on Entrepreneur.

Following the sensitivity of online reputation, a company should always be keeping track of information about it. There are also businesses that offer online reputation management services. They provide services, which are specific to the client’s needs. If a company’s reputation is damaged, it is important to resolve the issues as soon as possible. In the case of bad reviews, having many good reviews may make that bad one seem like a mistake.

U.S. Money Reserve President Named Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets

The Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) named Philip N. Diehl, the U.S. Money Reserve president, their new chairman in the last week of September 2016, according to PRNewswire. U.S. Money Reserve is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The organization’s team of specially trained experts includes numismatic and coin research professionals who are well equipped with market knowledge that enables them to find products that guarantee the most profitable returns on precious metal at every level. Learn more:


Before becoming the association’s chair, Diehl who is also the former Director of the U.S. Mint was the vice chair of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets Board of Directors. ICTA is the regulator of the precious-metals bullion communities, paper money, and rare coins. This council maintains a favorable regulatory environment throughout all the 50 states. Moreover, they provide a means through which their members may consult, confer, and cooperate with and enlighten various agencies to get amicable solutions to challenges affecting their businesses.


The Industry Council for Tangible Assets and other organizations credit Diehl for undertaking the most momentous law making effort in the history of ICTA. He led the reformation of a 2013 Minnesota law that obligated irrational regulatory bondage on numismatic and bullion dealers and clients. Diehl relied on his experience as a former state regulator to devise and implement the legislative and communications strategies of the council. Due to these efforts, Diehl and ICTA had the MN parliament pass their bill, which the state government subsequently enacted into law in May 2016.


Philip Diehl’s objectives, as the new chairman, are to increase the value of ICTA to their members, grow the organizations’ membership and economic power, and enhance cooperation and communication among all major stakeholders in the industry. After his appointment, Diehl expressed gratitude to their members for honoring him to lead them. He added that, under his leadership, ICTA is set to become the largest and most productive organization for economic and regulatory issues.


Many people in the U.S. also consider Diehl as one of the most successful U.S. Mint Directors. Besides, as president of U.S. Money Reserve, which is the leading private distributor of United States and foreign government-issued precious metals, he is largely regarded a trustworthy and valuable in the numismatic world.

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The Miracle of Norka Luque

Since she was just a little girl in Venezuela, Norka Luque had the dream of becoming a messenger of positivity, hoping to inspire as many people as possible through her passion for music. Always motivated, and blessed with the encouragement of her parents, Norka pursued her dreams through hard work and dedication, undergoing a musical education simultaneously to a regular academic life.

An overachiever, Norka studied Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Marketing and Fashion in France. However, she never let go of her passion for music, engaging in different projects during those years. Her hard work finally paid off in 2011, when legendary musical producer Emilio Estefan Jr. showed interest in her work, effectively jumpstarting her career.

Her first single, entitled “Como lo Haces Tú“, was composed by the great Archie Peña. It premiered in 2011 to a warm critical reception that even got her a nomination for best female pop artist at the “Lo Nuestro” awards. By then Luque had moved to Miami, which no doubt influenced her musical style in a positive way. Not only was the environment rich in fresh sounds and inspiration, but it also allowed her to collaborate with renowned musicians like Peña, the brothers Gaitán and even Luigi Giraldo. “The city of Miami, the sun, the sea and the palm trees were the witnesses of the birth of this miracle,” Norka said in an interview with LatinOL.

The fantastic influence of those great musicians, combined with the inspiration provided by Miami and fueled by Norka’s desire to explore her abilities even further, led to the 2012 release of a new single: “Milagro”. This release -which was also produced by Estefan Jr.- became a big hit in the United States, as well as various Latin American countries. The song, a mixture of Mediterranean and Caribbean sounds enveloped in a reggae-influenced rhythm, is a beautiful work of art with an uplifting, inspiring message at its heart. It was actually such a success that the studio decided to produce and release several versions of the song, including one in english (“Miracle”) and remixes from talented artists like Cucco Pena and El Cata.

After a busy few years full of shows, award ceremonies and promotion, Norka Luque is currently working on her next release. With the kind of passion and determination she has proven to have, it’s safe to imagine she will only continue to impress and inspire.

Great Britain And The Brexit Gold Coin

The Brexit Gold coin from the Cook Islands is a memorable coin depicting the historical occurrence of Great Britain’s exodus from the European Union on June 23, 2016, which is referred to as Brexit. The word Brexit is a merged word, meaning that parts of mixed words and their definitions are integrated into one word.

In this case, British and exit.

Great Britain joined the European Union in 1973, which was created after World War Two with the intention that countries who trade with one another are less prone to initiate war with each other. Currently, 28 European nations encompass the European Union that was formed in 1967,and its currency the euro,is currently utilized by 17 nations.

Great Britain’s intention to separate from the European Union has been a pending concept since 2007 under Article 50, called the Treaty on European Union which regulates this disengagement, an act which has never before been implemented.

Brexit will be a continual process of mediation and contemplation both for Great Britain and the European Union during the next two years until its ultimate completion,under Article 50.

Great Britain’s decision to separate from the European Union has instigated the escalation of gold worldwide,in fact gold has been oscillating with the, Brexit public opinion which prompted disconnecting it from the typical dominant association with the U.S. Dollar.

The demand for purchasing gold coins has been intensified due to the minting of the Brexit gold coin and investors are taking advantage of this action by steadily accumulating a variety of gold coins, while others witness this event as a definite time to sell.

Investing in gold and silver coins as well as other precious metals commodity through the ages, has always been appealing to the consumer and been proven as a solid and safe choice to make, because of the obvious unforeseen day to day changes in the global economy, and is also considered a security blanket when unpredictable stock markets decline. Gold is generally considered to be a positive investment.

The Brexit coin is available for purchase by the consumer both in gold and silver.

Securus Technologies latest voice search feature with Investigator Pro 4.0

Criminal Justice firm Securus Technologies recently released an upgrade to one of their biometric data tools. The data tools enable searching of multiple jail phone calls for suspects in different criminal activities. The new Investigator Pro 4.0 is set to come with the ability to select a sample of voice from the inmate or at the called party’s side. The software uses voice samples to search for other calls where that voice may have occurred too.

Previous versions of investigator have offered necessary biometric voice analysis tools. I find that the latest additional feature is more advanced as it pinpoints further relevant data about the called person. From the biometric voice identification to the advanced data analysis solutions, these investigative tools can quickly analyse massive amounts of data and provide actionable intelligence that focuses on ready leads. The investigative sector in correction facilities will find this highly advantageous to their work; several new features make the software critical for investigative work.

The latest addition to the software means that case management tools will be efficient and time-saving. With the new feature, voice by the third party will be easily collected and organized. Any piece of evidence provided by the caller is collected in one a through its state-of-the-art tools. Time saving will be one of the main advantages of the new feature of Investigator Pro 4.0. Investigators will no longer listen to countless phone calls trying to trace the receiver’s voice. The searchable voice feature will make it possible for detectives to quickly follow the individual’s voice just like telephone numbers and ID information.

From Securus Technologies LinkedIn profile, the company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has served millions of inmates in North America. The company is committed to connect and serve through providing accurate tools for investigative responsibilities. The company has a keen focus on connecting what matters.



Don Ressler,CEO JustFab Inc.

Don Ressler is a visionary entrepreneur, serving as the Co-Founder and co-Chief executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty Inc. He has also co-founded a number of ventures, including Brand Ideas, Alena Media and JustFab Inc. Don started his early internet career consulting with other internet companies, where he was looking to take advantage of the burgeoning online space. He has successfully generated over $1 billion in sales and helped raise more than $100 million in capital for internet companies, which earned him the reputation of a business and brand-building guru. When Don Ressler was at Intermix, he led the company in ventures that upheld shareholder value, including co-founding Alena Media and skincare brand Hydroderm.

Don Ressler has always had a passion for fitness. He was an athlete back in college and has maintained the practice of staying fit over the years. His wife was also an athlete, and it is the constant demand for athlete wear that led them to notice a niche in the market. The few athlete wears on they found were not exactly fashioned cautious. Their prices were too high. Ressler teamed up with, the then 19-year-old, Adam Goldenberg, and started planning on the huge business potential that the niche had. The plan was to create a fashion athletic brand that would maintain a competitive edge through it’s affordable and premium performance products.

In the year 2005, News Corp bought Intermix Media for more than $650 million. Adam and Don Ressler saw the company they had built successfully from scratch being abandoned by the media company. With all their rights sold off, they would not do anything but move on to explore new opportunities. Having the skills that could help then excel in the online business platform, they brought together a number of former Alena team. They then decided to build a brand building enterprise that they called Brand Ideas, which later became Intelligent Beauty.

The Brand building company came up with its first creation DERMSTORE. DERMSTORE is an online skin care and cosmetics online store. In the next two years, the company also launched SENSA, a weight loss system sourcing skills by bringing in Dr. Alan Hirsch as the CEO, with his experience in product development on Compound. In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched an e-commerce fashion retailer JustFab, and one year later, the e-commerce retailer received $33 million in funding from Matrix Partners. In April 2012, the company secured an additional $76 million from partners.

Wen By Chaz Was Put To The Test And Passed With Style

Wen by Chaz is a wonderful Frizz control product that is infused with amino acids and other healthy ingredients to give life back to thinning and dull hair. Normal shampoos strip the hair of the good oils and replace with residue from shampoos. Wen products provide cleansing, conditioning, styling, and thickness all in one bottle.
Wen by Chaz may cost a little more but it is replacing 5 products with one. The Wen may take a little more of the product to do the job but you are not having to use shampoo and conditioner. Nor are you having to purchase styling products to give hair a shine. articles recently released an article by a lady that chose to test the Wen cleansing conditioning product for one week. How did she like the product?

The very first day the young lady made the decision to purchase the Wen by Chaz from Amazon. She began reading the label and was astonished at all of the good natural vitamins and minerals that Wen had in it. It had no harsh ingredients to strip her hair so she made the choice to put it to the test. One week to see if this product was as good as the television said it was. Immediately the girl took the product to the shower. It took more product that she used to use. She began massaging it in her hair. It felt great. After her shower and blow dry off her hair, she could feel more volume immediately. The bounce and shine were both amazing.

The first couple of days were good. She woke up and needed to shower because her hair was oily. The Wen was replacing oils her hair had lost for a while. Yes, the oily hair was inconvenient but the shiny and thicker hair was noticed by all. Wen product was remarkable and the girl says she will use the Wen from time to time. For more info, visit the Wen YouTube channel.
Why choose Wen?

The Lovaganza Cultural Celebrations

As you may know by now, the Lovaganza celebrations occur globally having been inspired by history. Though initially it was scheduled to happen in 2015, the four month Lovaganza celebration is set to occur between May and September in the year 2020. Many continents will be actively involved in the party. Amongst the continents participating in the celebration of Lovaganza are:
– Europe
– Africa
– America
– Middle East
– Asia
– Oceania

With the listed continents that will participate in the Lovaganza celebrations, there will be adventure including the exchange of culture. It would be incredible to have various cultures put together for the purpose of sharing and learning. Amongst the activities in the Lovaganza celebrations are exhibitions, entertainment, live events like bands performing and pictures in galleries.

The highly anticipated Lovaganza celebrations will involve a showcase of cinema and films by well-known producers. There will be 3D screens for adventurous and thrilling shows. You can visualize that. The Lovaganza celebrations will encourage and promote the appreciation of different cultures by various people who will attend. Some people wonder why Lovaganza celebration is relevant to the world on YouTube. It is relevant because it is a cultural event generated to unify continents all over the world. When strangers come together, they promote unity. When people are united, racism is fought, and every color is appreciated.

In addition to promoting integration, the Lovaganza celebration will expand trade globally. During the exhibitions, beauticians will be featured as well as business people. In the process, business people can exchange ideas and come up with more business ventures to invest in and become successful. People can enjoy different lifestyles, food, and clothing. Inclusive is the sharing of beliefs in deity. Some cultures believe in a supreme being. Then some cultures do not believe in a supreme being. During the Lovaganza celebrations, the exchange of beliefs will ensure that both the believers and non-believers appreciate one another. People would learn to be slow in judging.

Finally, the Lovaganza celebrations will be thrilling. It would be fun just to travel across a different continent and meet people and socialize with them. While traveling, a lot of new places across the world shall be discovered by strangers. Given that the Lovaganza celebrations shall occur on 14th September 2020 during summer, the weather will be conducive for the event. Around fifty cities across the universe will host the Lovaganza celebrations. It shall be totally awesome.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Madison Street Capital: Leaders in Investment Banking

Investment Banking could be very profitable if it’s done right. Investment banking is a banking division that focuses on new equity and debt securities for all kinds of corporations, it works with facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and it guides issuers regarding the placement and issue of stock. Many investment banks are subsidiaries of or are in affiliation with larger financial institutions. They assist in complicated and large transactions. They may even create some necessary documentation for the Securities and Exchange Commission about an organization going public.

Investment banks employ finance professionals normally called investment bankers to assist in the planning and managing of large projects for governments, corporations, and other groups, and this saves the client’s money and time by investment bankers identifying the project risks before the client proceed. With their expertise, they offer advice on strategizing the best development plan especially in the present economic state.

They would work hard for their clients in maximizing revenue as well as in navigating regulatory requirements. They perform the sell and buy side of investment banking. The sell side includes trading securities for market making, facilitating transactions, cash, etc. The promotion of this side is also included by research, underwriting, and other ways. As mentioned before, investment banking offers advice when it comes to the buying side so the client would be aware of risks before proceeding. And with the buying side, hedge funds, unit trusts, mutual funds, and private equity funds are the most common entities.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an organization headquartered in Chicago, IL that specializes in international investment banking. It was launched in 2011, and it has an yearly revenue of $130,000. Anthony Marsala is the chief operating officer, and Paul McIntyre is the chief compliance officer.

Madison Street Capital services include asset management industry focus, business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinion, and valuation for financial reporting. Their clients of various large scale corporations and government agencies have prospered tremendously with working for them. They have clients worldwide, and recognized in various prestigious awards, such as the 8th Annual International M&A Awards and The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. They have also been called to speak at prestigious engagements, such as the McGill University. For more information of this thriving investment organization, click here.

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How ConnectUs by Securus Technologies Is Expanding Budgetary Reach

The best way to expand a budget is to curtail unnecessary spending from annual activities. ConnectUs by Securus is a groundbreaking new platform. It’s full title is ConnectUs Automated Forms, and it’s been designed to fix the filing problems often seen in today’s correctional facilities. Because of inmate overflow and the difficulty of infrastructural upgrade during continued operations, sometimes innovative technology doesn’t reach a corrective facility at a pace which matches regular societal deployment. As a result, most record-keeping internally has been done by hand at correctional facilities even into the 21st century. This includes medical documents, sign-up forms, complaint and grievances forms–the list goes on. ConnectUs Automated Forms consolidates all that paperwork into a single framework that gives inmates access to virtually unlimited features and applications. Furthermore, these applications and access to them are customizable. They are also completely under the control of administrative personnel at a given facility, ensuring no unnecessary access be granted inmates.

ConnectUs is a cutting-edge platform that is premiere in its class, and practically unmatched anywhere else. Securus Technologies has been operating since 1986. The organization started in Texas and has expanded such that nationally some 1.2 million inmates use their products or services. With that kind of scope and reach, it’s easy to see why ConnectUs hits on so many levels. The platform has been designed by industry-insiders who understand the needs of correctional facilities, and have seen where there are soft spots in the budget that can be excised and reapportioned elsewhere. By diminishing the time and bureaucracy surrounding forms through a consolidated platform, inmates can watch the progress of what they’ve filed, and corrective facility staff don’t have to waste any time picking up, delivering, or filing paperwork. Instead, it’s all contained in a single place that is easy to navigate. But when a top-of-the-line company designs a top-of-the-line platform, that’s only to be expected. Additionally, expect to see Securus’ ConnectUs Automated Forms become extremely normative soon.