The Lovaganza Cultural Celebrations

As you may know by now, the Lovaganza celebrations occur globally having been inspired by history. Though initially it was scheduled to happen in 2015, the four month Lovaganza celebration is set to occur between May and September in the year 2020. Many continents will be actively involved in the party. Amongst the continents participating in the celebration of Lovaganza are:
– Europe
– Africa
– America
– Middle East
– Asia
– Oceania

With the listed continents that will participate in the Lovaganza celebrations, there will be adventure including the exchange of culture. It would be incredible to have various cultures put together for the purpose of sharing and learning. Amongst the activities in the Lovaganza celebrations are exhibitions, entertainment, live events like bands performing and pictures in galleries.

The highly anticipated Lovaganza celebrations will involve a showcase of cinema and films by well-known producers. There will be 3D screens for adventurous and thrilling shows. You can visualize that. The Lovaganza celebrations will encourage and promote the appreciation of different cultures by various people who will attend. Some people wonder why Lovaganza celebration is relevant to the world on YouTube. It is relevant because it is a cultural event generated to unify continents all over the world. When strangers come together, they promote unity. When people are united, racism is fought, and every color is appreciated.

In addition to promoting integration, the Lovaganza celebration will expand trade globally. During the exhibitions, beauticians will be featured as well as business people. In the process, business people can exchange ideas and come up with more business ventures to invest in and become successful. People can enjoy different lifestyles, food, and clothing. Inclusive is the sharing of beliefs in deity. Some cultures believe in a supreme being. Then some cultures do not believe in a supreme being. During the Lovaganza celebrations, the exchange of beliefs will ensure that both the believers and non-believers appreciate one another. People would learn to be slow in judging.

Finally, the Lovaganza celebrations will be thrilling. It would be fun just to travel across a different continent and meet people and socialize with them. While traveling, a lot of new places across the world shall be discovered by strangers. Given that the Lovaganza celebrations shall occur on 14th September 2020 during summer, the weather will be conducive for the event. Around fifty cities across the universe will host the Lovaganza celebrations. It shall be totally awesome.

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Madison Street Capital: Leaders in Investment Banking

Investment Banking could be very profitable if it’s done right. Investment banking is a banking division that focuses on new equity and debt securities for all kinds of corporations, it works with facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and it guides issuers regarding the placement and issue of stock. Many investment banks are subsidiaries of or are in affiliation with larger financial institutions. They assist in complicated and large transactions. They may even create some necessary documentation for the Securities and Exchange Commission about an organization going public.

Investment banks employ finance professionals normally called investment bankers to assist in the planning and managing of large projects for governments, corporations, and other groups, and this saves the client’s money and time by investment bankers identifying the project risks before the client proceed. With their expertise, they offer advice on strategizing the best development plan especially in the present economic state.

They would work hard for their clients in maximizing revenue as well as in navigating regulatory requirements. They perform the sell and buy side of investment banking. The sell side includes trading securities for market making, facilitating transactions, cash, etc. The promotion of this side is also included by research, underwriting, and other ways. As mentioned before, investment banking offers advice when it comes to the buying side so the client would be aware of risks before proceeding. And with the buying side, hedge funds, unit trusts, mutual funds, and private equity funds are the most common entities.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an organization headquartered in Chicago, IL that specializes in international investment banking. It was launched in 2011, and it has an yearly revenue of $130,000. Anthony Marsala is the chief operating officer, and Paul McIntyre is the chief compliance officer.

Madison Street Capital services include asset management industry focus, business valuation, corporate advisory, financial opinion, and valuation for financial reporting. Their clients of various large scale corporations and government agencies have prospered tremendously with working for them. They have clients worldwide, and recognized in various prestigious awards, such as the 8th Annual International M&A Awards and The M&A Advisor’s 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. They have also been called to speak at prestigious engagements, such as the McGill University. For more information of this thriving investment organization, click here.

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How ConnectUs by Securus Technologies Is Expanding Budgetary Reach

The best way to expand a budget is to curtail unnecessary spending from annual activities. ConnectUs by Securus is a groundbreaking new platform. It’s full title is ConnectUs Automated Forms, and it’s been designed to fix the filing problems often seen in today’s correctional facilities. Because of inmate overflow and the difficulty of infrastructural upgrade during continued operations, sometimes innovative technology doesn’t reach a corrective facility at a pace which matches regular societal deployment. As a result, most record-keeping internally has been done by hand at correctional facilities even into the 21st century. This includes medical documents, sign-up forms, complaint and grievances forms–the list goes on. ConnectUs Automated Forms consolidates all that paperwork into a single framework that gives inmates access to virtually unlimited features and applications. Furthermore, these applications and access to them are customizable. They are also completely under the control of administrative personnel at a given facility, ensuring no unnecessary access be granted inmates.

ConnectUs is a cutting-edge platform that is premiere in its class, and practically unmatched anywhere else. Securus Technologies has been operating since 1986. The organization started in Texas and has expanded such that nationally some 1.2 million inmates use their products or services. With that kind of scope and reach, it’s easy to see why ConnectUs hits on so many levels. The platform has been designed by industry-insiders who understand the needs of correctional facilities, and have seen where there are soft spots in the budget that can be excised and reapportioned elsewhere. By diminishing the time and bureaucracy surrounding forms through a consolidated platform, inmates can watch the progress of what they’ve filed, and corrective facility staff don’t have to waste any time picking up, delivering, or filing paperwork. Instead, it’s all contained in a single place that is easy to navigate. But when a top-of-the-line company designs a top-of-the-line platform, that’s only to be expected. Additionally, expect to see Securus’ ConnectUs Automated Forms become extremely normative soon.

Norka Luque Making A Comeback

Norka Martínez Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1986. Her parents showered her with unconditional support this encouraged her to live her dream of becoming a professional singer. Which is why at a young age, she began her musical training by taking voice classes, piano, ballet, and flamenco.

Norka Luque did all of this while still managing to shine in her academic education. After graduating from High School she went off to France. She originally went to learn French, but she ended up staying for four years while she pursued a degree in Business Administration. While in France she also studied Marketing, Fashion, and Culinary Arts. Norka also joined a band, Bad Mon Rising, which meant that she was able to stay connected to her dream of becoming a singer. Once she graduated from business school, she got a job in the banking field. But, quickly decided that she was ready to pursue her dream of being a singer. To follow her dream, she decided to move to the United States.

For her first album, she started working with producer Jose Velazquez, but that partnership ended quickly. Her professional singing career did not really start until when Emilio Estefan Jr. started to show an interest in her work. Under his direction, Norka Luque has spent countless hours training and perfecting her voice and technique.

With a great team of producers, which was put together by Emilio Estefan Jr, Norka was able to deliver her first album in 2012. This first album had three different singles. She debuted her first single, entitled ‘Milagro’, which was composed by Archie Pena, a fellow Venezuelan. Norka was nominated for ‘Female Pop Artist of the Year‘ for the performance of this song. This song was widely popular in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela, which caused this song to make its way onto the Latin Music Billboard. After her large amount of success with her first song, she soon unveiled her second single, ‘Miracle’ in 2012. With her popularity on the rise, Norka was invited to perform at The Billboard Bash.

Sadly, in 2014 she had to put her singing career on hold due to her epileptic episodes. To help minimize the number of seizures, she underwent brain surgery in January of 2015. Her recovery time for this surgery was long and painful. But she was able to get back on her feet and released a news single in April, which is entitled, ‘Tomorrowland’.

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U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angie Koch Joins The Huffington Post As A Contributing Blogger

U.S. Money Reserve and the Huffington Post have something in common. Both companies are drawing inspiration from Angie Koch. Angie Koch is the Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Money Reserve and a new contributing blogger for the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post was founded in 2005 by Arianna Huffington and former AOL executive Kenneth Lerer. Lerer and Huffington wanted to bring a liberal point of view to the public to offset the conservative Drudge Report, founded by Matt Drudge. Drudge put headlines from around the world together, and the Huffington Post did the same thing from a different viewpoint.  Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Originally, the HuffPo, as it is frequently called, got stories from a list of celebrities like Larry David, Alex Baldwin and Diane Keaton. But Arianna Huffington wanted to open the doors of the publications to other bloggers that had something important to say.

The new bloggers came from political and cultural backgrounds. None of the bloggers earned any money from their posts, but the exposure was worth their time. Angie Koch was recently named a new contributing blogger, and she will bring her knowledge of the precious metal market as well as her expertise in business leadership, cultural achievements and social etiquette to the 79 million readers of HuffPo.

Koch has made a huge impact on Austin-based U.S. Money Reserve since she took over as CEO of the company. Koch and company President Philip Diehl have turned U.S. Money Reserve into a customer service business that helps new and experienced investors add precious metal coins to their investment portfolios.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of U.S. gold, silver and platinum coins in the industry. Koch and Diehl are excited about the interest Koch will create by blogging for the Huffington Post. Angie won’t always post blogs about the coin industry, but she will post news about the gold and silver market from time to time.

In fact, more people are interested in the gold and silver coins because they have appreciated faster than ever before due to the increase in gold and silver prices. Precious metals will continue to increase in value, according to Diehl, and Koch will write about the changes as they occur.

But Koch will also share her extensive business knowledge with readers, according to an article published by She will also write about the political and cultural events that are reshaping thoughts around the world. Blogging for the Huffington Post will give Koch and U.S. Money Reserve more worldwide exposure.

Breaking The Silence With Help From An SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Speaking up and out is often a really hard life task. This is particularly true when it comes to speaking out at work. If someone should notice a problem of any kind at work, they may realize they will need to point out it. However, pointing it out may not be enough. The problems they notice at work may be so large that they need to be corrected by an outside agency. In that case, the person who realizes something is wrong may need to contact a public agency and point out that a company is in trouble with the potential legal laws. This is also really hard to get done. In doing so, they may be really uncomfortable as doing so could literally put their job at risk in some way.

Working With Outside Help

This is where it may be totally necessary to speak with someone outside of the company. Many people who choose to speak out realize that legal help is their specific need. Legal help can offer a means of protecting their jobs. Legal counsel can also offer people something they may not have expected: access to funding. Funding is available in the form of a reward for speaking out according to the present laws. Such fiscal rewards can be quite impressive. They may run to the very high six figures. Working with outside help can help make sure that anyone who does speak out is able to qualify for all rewards available to them to the fullest extent of the present law.

Advocating For Whistleblowers

After the establishment of the law for whistleblowers, one important law firm, Labaton Sucharow, stepped forward and realized that it was imperative to offer specific help for people who were choosing to speak out under the terms of the new laws. Under their guidance, many people who have helped reveal problems in any given company or industry, have been able to get the kind of rewards they deserve. Their legal counsel has proven to be invaluable since the establishment of the program. They have offered help to all those who need it. Many a whisleblower has learned from them how to navigate the laws that were set up to protect them from any kind of potential retaliation. They have also been able to qualify for fiscal rewards that have helped make their lives easier after the decision to speak out.

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The Evolution of Smooth Brand

Evolution of Smooth is a brand which offers a variety of lip balm products designed to nourish and treat lips while also giving a beautiful appearance. The products aim to give a look of visibly softer lips. The balms are enriched with vitamins, oils, and antioxidants designed to give a youthful appearance of lips. Evolution of Smooth focuses also on organic products. Check their Facebook page.

To complement the lip balm, Evolution of Smooth has hand lotions to soften and soothe the skin. Shaving cream and body lotion products are also offered with organic ingredients. Evolution of Smooth offers limited edition products [see,]  from time to time as well, including 2 and 4 pack sets of lip balm as well as other bundles. The company offers breast cancer awareness related packaging and coloring to support charitable causes.

Numerous celebrities have tried and endorsed Evolution of Smooth. This has resulted in numerous publications and magazines supporting the brand’s products. The feedback has been very positive with regards to the effectiveness of the products offered by Evolution of Smooth, see for more info. This trend has given the brand a lot of momentum in the marketplace over recent months and the firm is quickly becoming a well-known staple in the cosmetics market. For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.


Why Your Retirement Needs The Midas Legacy

Retiring is something that we all look forward to, but it is becoming more and more difficult for people to retire with enough money to sustain themselves for years to come. This is due to poor wealth and financial management on Twitter and it is something that lots of people face each and every day. If you have been having a lot of issues when it comes to your own retirement planning, a company known as The Midas Legacy is there to help out with this specific process.

What The Midas Legacy can do for you is help to manage your wealth, income and finances in order to improve your savings and get you the retirement fund that you need. In general, it is never too early to begin saving for your retirement and this is why The Midas Legacy is one of the most sought-after companies out there by people who know it is time for a change in their own lives. Trying to manage your finances on your own can be downright difficult, so it is nice to know there is a company out there that can easily help you out when you need it the most.

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Best Business Blueprints

Turning the millennial mindset into easy income

One of the wonderful things about The Midas Legacy is that they have worked with a lot of people in the past, including both individuals and their families as well as business owners. Because of their expertise, they are able to help a wide range of people and get them the help that they need. Make sure that you think about hiring The Midas Legacy for yourself for all that they are worth and you will find that this helps tremendously and allows you to retire with ease and with the amount of money you know you are going to need.

Retirement can be downright difficult and it is why a lot of people are unable to quit their jobs and begin a life free of work. This is why you need the professionals of The Midas Legacy on and have them work on the management part for you. Not only does this take the guesswork out of it all for you, but it can also help you to save a lot more than you otherwise would have if you were the one doing all of the management and planning for your own well-being and for the well-being of the rest of your family as well.

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Find A Competent SEC Attorney In Your Area

Finding the right attorney when you’ve had to disclose information to the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) is very important because it can mean having your rights as an employer protected and winning your SEC claim. Never try to fight the SEC on your own because it can mean divulging your personal information. When you hire a SEC attorney you can keep your identity confidential and you can still collect on your claim. Labaton Sucharow was one of the first attorneys that decided to dedicate his practice to SEC rights and many more followed suit. Put your legal case in the hands of a professional.

There are certain rules and regulations that apply to SEC laws. In fact, you are able to collect up to 30% of any sanctions that exceed 1 million dollars. Your information has saved the SEC time and resources on their investigation. As a whistleblower you should and will have your rights secured with a SEC attorney. They have expertise in the complex laws of the SEC and are qualified to stand up to big business corporations. Don’t let them deny your claim or your rights. They have the legal expertise to handle the litigation of fighting for your rights.

There are a lot of people that don’t have faith in the financial market because there has been a lot of financial fraud. There are several SEC Whistleblower attorneys that want to restore the faith of investing back into the economic system. People are declining to invest in the stock market and their retirement. This poses a threat for aging adults because they are not investing in their future and this could cause them to have to work past the retirement age. In fact, a lot of people feel like they are losing their financial assets to the financial economic system and there is no recourse on the people that are committing fraud.

When you looking for a qualified SEC attorney it should be someone that has experience. SEC laws can be very complicated and no easily handled by a beginner in the legal field. A good SEC attorney that has experience will tell you that they have collected a substantial amount of money for their clients and have a proven track record for winning legal cases. A whistleblower needs good security fraud defense and you can hire a local SEC attorney today that will fight for you.

A Key Component in Investment Banks

The structure of investment banking is comprised of three primary areas. Each area has specific investment banking functions. While any investment bank can utilize one or more of the three primary areas that makeup the investment banking structure, generally only the very large investment banks will utilize all three areas at the same time.

There are several reasons why only the largest investment banks tend to utilize all three areas. The main reason is because it requires a lot of financial and human resources to efficiently operate an investment bank utilizing all three areas that comprise the investment banking structure.

As a result, most small and medium size investment banks usually use only one investment banking area. With the structure of investment banking, small and medium size investment banks still have a significant number of banking services to offer because each area in investment banking offers many services.

A major benefit that small and medium size investment banks receive from focusing on one investment banking area is that the investment banks become very good at what is offer within the one investment banking area. The investment banks become experts in the area and can provide all services in the area with a high level of expertise.

Beyond the three investment banking areas, all investment banks whether small, medium, or large have several key components that comprise the investment banks’ core. One of the main components concerning investment banks is the investment banker. As a key position within the investment banking structure, the investment banker is responsible for many banking tasks. The tasks cover many aspects of investment banking operations ranging from closing business deals to acquiring new clients.

A popular investment banker currently on the investment banking scene is Martin Lustgarten. This investment banker is making a name for himself within the banking industry. Martin Lustgarten is the founder of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment bank.

Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin. He handles the day-to-day business operations for the firm along with maintaining the responsibility of attracting and acquiring new clients. Martin Lustgarten has built a quality list of investment banking clients.

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