The True Story of Yeonmi Park

It takes reading about another person’s backstory for many people to truly understanding what different perspectives on life are like. This could not ring truer for many, including one Yeonmi Park of North Korea.
Park, who was once a citizen of North Korea, is one of the few who successfully defected from the country in favor of a far less restrictive lifestyle. According to’s interview on Park herself, the concept of freedom used to be nothing more than a word to her, saying that having food and water were the happiest she could be earlier in life. That changed when her family witnessed the imprisonment of her father under the regime of then-leader Kim Jong-Il, and with that, learning just how brutal and repressive the government could truly be. She was prompted to try and seek true freedom after this and eventually fled the country alongside her family. However, her successful escape from North Korea has not gone unnoticed, as the current government lead by Kim Jong-Un has taken to launching propaganda campaigns against Park and her family, suggesting that they are agents and spies for the United States.

Park was born in the Hyesan district of North Korea, her father working as a civil servant for the North Korean Workers Party and her mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army. Park and her family enjoyed a fairly privileged life in her youth, but the family began encountering struggles as she got older. One such example involved her father being arrested and imprisoned for illegal insider trading. Between this and watching a pirated movie and understanding its story, this is what prompted Park and her family to try and leave North Korea. After successfully crossing the border into neighboring China, the family enlisted the help of Christian missionaries and human traffickers to get into Mongolia. From there the family remained for some time before making their way to South Korea where they began to build a new life there. Park’s father was unable to make the journey due to colon cancer, which he passed away from some time earlier.

Ross Abelow – A Man of the People (and the Pets)

New York state is home to over 160,000 attorneys, far more than any other state in the country, with the exception of California, which runs a very close second. The New York state bar exam was ranked the 13th most difficult exam in the nation on an unofficial list posted on the Witnesseth website a few years ago.

New York attorneys are some of the most diversified in the nation, mostly due to the fact that it boasts the 3rd highest population among the states. Because of the large number of people located in New York, it offers a vast array of opportunities for attorneys to hone their skills, and they typically do so by choosing one or two areas of interest in which to concentrate their practice.

Attorney Ross Abelow is a standout among the 160,000+ New York attorney population. He is a graduate of New York University and Brooklyn Law College. Ross’ areas of expertise include entertainment law, family and matrimonial law, and he also specializes in litigation. A good litigation attorney is essential to anyone dealing with a potential court appearance. Anyone living in New York who is facing divorce, child custody issues, alimony and child support payments and the like, should consider contacting Ross for their needs.

Many New York based entertainers look to Ross for guidance and assistance in dealing with contract signings and disputes, issues over intellectual property and the myriad of specialized issues that are inherent to the entertainment business. Ross is their go-to guy.

Ross Abelow is the attorney with a heart. He’s not just an advocate for the people. Earlier this year, Ross initiated a campaign to raise funds for the homeless animal shelters in New York, with all proceeds going to local shelters to procure much needed supplies for the animals.

New Yorkers would be hard pressed to find a better attorney than Ross Abelow.

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Halvorssen Gets Candid on Fox News

A professional but heated 3 minute talk took place between Thor Halvorssen and Fox News on the Intelligence Report. Halvorssen spoke rather candidly about his opinion on Bernie and why he’s all for him. His reasoning was that there is a difference between a socialist country and one that violates the human rights of its people. The interviewer stated the question to Halvorssen as if to make socialism and human rights violations one and the same. He quickly qualified how socialism could work as long as a government didn’t use it as a way to hurt the people or as a mask as he stated when the government says its going to institute socialism and then uses it to overpower them.


The examples of good socialist nations with a balance of power that include a constitution with checks and balances was Sweden and Denmark. The one country that he used as an example of a bad use of socialism was Argentina. He has the full authority to speak on the subject as he and his family lived there. His father was a political prisoner and his mother shot by Hugo Chavez. This was a shock to the interviewer but she did say that he knew exactly what he was talking about.


One example he gave was the Argentine government was one that set prices a certain way because they felt like it and now there are major shortages with an impending humanitarian crisis pending. This, he said is an example of not socialism but the ignorance that people have about socialism and that it in and of itself is not bad. It’s what motive the government has to use socialism and what checks and balances are going to be in place.
Thor Halvorssen proudly admitted to giving a campaign contribution to Bernie Sanders because the alternative on the Liberal Side took millions from countries with barbaric practices such as executing people for being gay, banning Christmas, abuse and kill women in the name of belief systems that don’t match our own here. He stated clearly that Bernie was the better bet. Follow Halvorssen on Twitter to see what he’s up to recently.

Marc Sparks, Venture Capitalist, CEO and Entrepreneur

In today’s business world, meetings that include presentations are commonplace. We have all sat through long and boring presentations at some point. According to venture capitalist Marc Sparks, a well thought out presentation is the key to selling an idea to an audience.

Mark Sparks offers his sound advice on giving a presentation by recommending 4 important points (more here – One is to express your point when using visuals. Don’t waste time with visuals that do not relate to the topic you’re discussing. When presenting data, tell a story about how you are going to be successful using your proven data to back up your story and make it believable. Backing up your ideas with facts is a sound way to keep your audience interested.

The third point that Marc Sparks stresses is to keep your presentation simple and, get right to the point. If a presentation is too difficult to understand, your audience may lose focus. Finally, bring out your entire team to accentuate your point. It helps show that your ideas are legit.

Marc Sparks is an extremely successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was born in 1960 and grew up in Cleveland and St. Louis. Marc Sparks has a heavy background in music, as he grew up working alongside St. Louis Symphony flutist Jacob Berg. He started off with the Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio and the Caracas Symphony in Venezuela.

Marc Sparks also is a teacher, teaching at Missouri’s Innsbrook Institute and is a faculty member at the Aspen Music Festival and School. He has served time as a faculty member at the Peabody Institute, and he also owns and operates a private studio in St. Louis.

An Amazon book said that Marc Sparks has a deep background in the insurance, premium finance, surety bonding and investment banking fields. He has founded and operated many insurance firms, and over the last decade has managed casualty and property insurance companies and a well known surety bonding agency. Marc Sparks is Chairman Chief Executive Officer of Unistar Financial Service Corporation, and he also works as a Member of Executive and Compensation Committees.

Igor Cornelsen Share The Keys To Successfully Investing In Brazil

Brazil is a land filled with investment opportunities. The people that make the right investments there now can be reaping large dividends for decades. But knowing which Brazilian companies, industries, and markets to invest in can be tricky. It requires deep knowledge and insight into the markets, the minds, buying patterns of the people, and the impact new technologies can have on the development of the country’s vast natural resources. Legendary Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen has this information and for several decades he has been showing serious investors how to make money investing in Brazil. His advice has made many people wealthy.

Igor Cornelsen spent several decades as a top executive with many of Brazil’s most successful companies. He was also in decision making positions in many of its biggest and best banks. After retiring from those positions, he began his career as an investment advisor. Cornelsen has helped so many people to make money investing in Brazil, the local people consider him a national treasure. It is not unusual to hear people say no one knows investing in Brazil better than Igor Cornelsen. And he has the track record to prove it. While other investors have seen their money tied up in red tape and vanish in failed companies, investors guided by Cornelsen have seen their money grow.

The advice Cornelsen offers investors is simple and straightforward. He encourages them to become familiar with Brazilian investment laws, connect with the locals, invest for the long-term, and diversify their investments. This sage advice has made Cornelsen and the investors that listen to him wealthy. This advice is not based on studying textbooks on economics or taking classes on investing. It is practical advice based on Cornelsen’s experience and empirical evidence. He has lived in Brazil all his life and helped successful Brazilian corporations make important decisions, so he knows what he is talking about.

Igor Cornelsen is now semi-retired and spends much of his time working on his golf game and enjoying his family. He’s currently the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Incorporated. This is almost a hobby for Cornelsen as it is highly unlikely he will ever be able to spend all the money he has made in Brazil. However, he is still willing to share his experience, wisdom, knowledge, and advice with people interested in investing in Brazil. He mostly enjoys guiding investors and helping them to make money while helping to improve the quality of life in brazil and for the Brazilian people.

Cornelen is committed to sharing his advice through the Website to all that are willing to listen. Wise investors will take the time to gather round and benefit from his years of experience successfully investing in Brazil.

Fabletics And Bustle Chat About Athleisure

Athleisure is a new kind of clothing on that women can wear to and from the gym, and it is getting a lot of attention from fashion magazines around the world. Every magazine wants to know how Fabletics came up with the idea, and the attention needs to be pointed to what Kate Hudson did in starting her company. She wanted women to look good at the gym, but she also wanted to play to the woman who is admittedly lazy when she gets dressed.

There are a lot of women who have no time to waste when they are going to and from the gym. They are too active, and they have too many other things going on to worry about their clothes in a very intense way. Athleisure solves that problem by offering women clothes that come all in jersey for wear in and out of the gym. The clothes are going to look good when women get ready to go, and they are going to have every chance they need to look their best.

Women waste a lot of time getting ready at the gym when they only have a few extra minutes to get going. They are sitting there wondering how they are going to get their work done, and they are wondering how they will pick up their kids or get to the store without looking ridiculous. Kate Hudson fixed that by starting Fabletics, and she markets athleisure as clothes that can be worn anywhere. Women will look like the go to the gym, but they will not look like they just came from the gym. It is a flowing style that makes women look elegant, but it clearly looks effortless.

A women who throws on athleisure on will be in a nice dress or top that goes over their tights, and it works perfectly with their sports bras. The lady will look good on the town, and she can stuff those clothes into her gym bag. The idea of Fabletics on instagram is to make getting ready easy, and it is perfect for women with no time. Getting ready has never been easier or sexier.

Wen By Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

Women with fine hair would invariably like thicker hair. The aisles of retailers are literally littered with products claiming to provide solutions. It is great when someone takes the time to review a product, and provides comprehensive information on how the product worked for them. This is, of course, very subjective, but as everyone has hair that is made of the same materials our body produces, when one person does an extensive review of a product, there is likely strains of reality for everyone in the information they have gathered through their experimenting.

In the case of Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner, the claim is that those with fine hair will get a more full, luminous head of hair through use of their product. This article ( provides one person’s detailed account of using this product over the course of several days. Overall the take-away is that the product does make her hair look fuller and shinier, so it does work as advertised on QVC, however there is one side-effect that those considering using the product should be aware of. The reviewer said the product made her hair greasy at the roots, and that if someone considering using the product does not shower daily, this might not be a good product for them. She was unable to skip even one day between washes as her hair just became too oily. For those that shower every day, however, this product might be the perfect answer for their fine hair woes!

The Wen by Chaz Dean hair care product line is comprehensive, offering solutions for cleansing, boosting, styling and treating hair. The WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner is one of their flagship products, and is quite popular. Overall this line of products has solid recognition from users as providing products that both garner good results and leave them feeling that their hair is healthier as a result of using Wen hair products.



All You Need to Know About the US Money Reserve

If you are looking for a place to buy or sell your precious metals, the U.S. Money Reserve is the company to choose. The company is the leader in government issued coins, and this means that the service you get will be out of this world. The company will offer you the best information concerning these metals, and this way, you will be able to make an informed decision about the metals of your choice. Buying metals of the company is also an advantage to the buyers because they will rarely get losses. The professionals in the company have the responsibility of making sure that you do not purchase coins which will have no value in the coming future.
The U.S Money Reserve was started many years in the past by individuals who are very knowledgeable in the metal industry. These individuals were focusing on creating a top notch and reliable customer care that can be trusted by consumers from all walks of life, and they managed to do just that. The company has created a very good customer care service that has all the qualities people look for to ensure the smooth running of the institution. These employees in the customer care desk are also very knowledgeable in the precious metal matters, and they make sure that the customer who calls or visits the company gets the best information and service.

According to CBS19 since the company started operating many years ago, it has earned the trust of the consumers, so the next time you need to buy precious metals from them, do it with confidence because you are guaranteed of the best products in the market. To ensure that the consumer is protected from any losses or harm, the company has some special measures put in place.

For any company to do well in the modern competitive market, it must be led by a professional and qualified individual. This has not been different in the U S Money Reserve. The company is led by one of the most knowledgeable persons in the metal industry, Mr. Philip Diehl. Since he took the position, the company has registered great improvements. The most recent change has been the introduction of online shops that have been designed to serve the online community even better that before. The new introduction has received a positive response from facebook users, and it has brought more individuals to understand why they should have precious metals in their possession.

George Soros Donates Millions To Clinton Campaign Even Though He Is Predicting A Global Recession


George Soros has been known to spend millions to help Democratic candidates win elections. He spent mega-millions to stop Bush from being elected, but that campaign backfired, according to a recent article posted by Mr. Soros has plenty of millions to spend to get liberals elected. Thanks to his ability to invest in the right assets, Soros has managed to amass more than $27 billion, and by the end of the year, he could make millions more if he wins his bet against the Chinese yuan.

The Eighty-five-year-old Soros may be a political supporter, but his main thrust in life is building the credibility of his international foundations. According to the article, Mr. Soros promotes human rights and open societies in several countries that are known for human rights violations. Even though Soros is watching the election carefully, he is also spreading news that people don’t want to hear. Most economists and investors like George Soros can see the handwriting on the global wall. Part of the world is in a recession, and other parts of the world will join them in 2016.

Many U.S. economists are turning their noses up at that prediction. The GDP rate is growing, and there are no visible signs that it will change. But George Soros disagrees. The signs that the United States economy is going to crack and begin to contract are obvious, according to Soros. Soros said the stock market’s lack of consistency is one of those signs, and the month after month drop in corporate earnings is another. Plus the Feds are changing their position when it comes to raising interest rates again. The Feds see what’s happening in China and emerging markets, and they know the United States is next.

The slow European economy is another sign. Europe’s growth continues to disappear. In fact, the EU’s economy is one step away from contraction. The migration issue isn’t helping either. EU leaders just met with Turkey to reach an agreement on Syrian refugees, but as usual, European Union leaders couldn’t agree to Turkey’s terms. Turkey wants to join the EU, but members like Hungary say their leaders would rather swallow poison that allow Syrian Muslims into the country. Turkey also wants a one for one Syrian swap, and the EU members don’t want that. So the bottom line is, the European Union is facing its biggest challenge, and they may not survive it.

Soros thinks the United States can’t change some of the circumstances that will result in a U.S. recession. By the end of 2016, American could be facing another 2008 type recession that has the same impact on middle America.

Doe Deere; The Cosmetic Rebel

In a market that is conglomerated by men and emphasizes women’s imperfections for the male gaze, one woman is fighting back against this monopoly; Doe Deere. Doe breaks through the ceiling and raises the bar for success with her own DIY makeup line called “Lime Crime Cosmetics“. Doe Deere grew up playing with colors; whether it was paints and crayons, to clothes and her mother’s makeup, so it was only natural that she wanted to peruse this as an adult, and in 2004 she opened her first online store and on a whim, named it “Lime Crime” after her favorite color.

Since then, Doe Deere has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine and has paved the way to show that you can be successful while still coloring outside the lines; that makeup doesn’t have to be prim and proper, and instead can be infused with neon colors and a blast of whatever you want, as long as you feel good about yourself with the makeup you choose to wear. This makeup revolution shows that cosmetics can be both for professional, and for fun – with whatever colors you decide to wear, and this was the goal that Doe has pioneered for the beginning.

Doe Deere recently sat down and commented on the fashion and beauty industry, and being the rebellious unicorn that she is she explained which “rules” she likes to break and how she likes to do so to her flock of unicorns and makeup rebels. The first rule she mentioned is the rule of not to pair a bold lip with a bold eye; Doe Deere says to throw that rule right out the window! The second rule she touches on -and is pretty much the basis for her style- is the one where you’re not suppose to mix too many colors, which is something that doesn’t exist for Doe! Mixing and matching is what she loves to do, and what she does best. And this boils into the next rule; don’t mix too many patterns. With this, Doe Deere says the key is to mix patterns that compliment each other, but go crazy with it! She also addresses how you’re not suppose to wear socks with open-toed shoes, how you should only wear neutrals with unnaturally colored hair, to stick to occasion specific dressing, and how you’re suppose to dress your age. Doe Deere says to take these rules and throw them out the window; to dress and wear makeup that makes you feel good about yourself, and then the rest of the world will follow.

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