Brian Bonar’s Impact in The Financial Sector in the United States

One of the people who have been instrumental in the transformation of the financial sector in the United States of America is Brian Bonar. He has been in the financial industry in the United States for a period of more than thirty years which has earned him a wealth of experience and wisdom in making profitable financial and investment decisions. Read more: Brian Bonar | Whitepages

He has managed to significantly help many clients who have sought help in financial issues through his financial firm. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation which is one of the most successful financial corporations in the United States. The success of Dalrada Financial Corporation is largely accredited to the immense Contribution of Mr. Brian Boner who holds a PHD and is a member of the American Finance Association.

To honour his efforts and the contribution that he has made in steering the financial corporation to where it is today, he was honored by being recognized as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year. This is a great honor as it attests to his contribution and the achievements he has made over the years.

Usually, this recognition is given to two male and two females who have distinguished themselves professionally, made significant strides in the academic arena and have showed impeccable leadership qualities in various things they have been involved in.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is one of the most successful financial corporations in the United States of America. The success of the company is attributed to the Chief Executive Officer who is passionate about helping people, is tenacious and goal oriented. He has managed to impart the spirit of togetherness among the employees who work as a team to ensure client satisfaction. Read more: Brian Bonar –

Dalrada Financial Corporation has specialized in providing a number of financial services which are offered by the financial experts at the company. These services include the provision of comprehensive financial, insurance, benefit and business process Outsourcing products and services to different companies in different sectors in the United States of America.

The companies that have received professional help from Dalrada attest to the expertise and how effective the solutions provided are for their businesses. The aim of the commitment given by the corporation is to ensure that the companies attain the goals that they intended to achieve when they approached Dalrada.

What distinguished Dalrada Financial Corporation from other companies in the financial sector is the experience and expertise that Mr. Brian Bonar has in the sector. He has acquired the experience from the many years he has worked for the company and other companies in the financial sector. Mr. Bonar is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. and also the president of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc.

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The Incredible Success of NutriMost

The search to find the right type of weight loss program is one that can be fraught with disappointment and frustration for many individuals says the NY Fat Loss research. There are many weight loss programs out there that make claims that they just can’t live up to. However, there are still weight loss programs in the marketplace that can help individuals lose weight in a healthy manner. NutriMost is a weight loss program that has been helping individuals all over the world with their weight loss goals. There have been many reports of individuals losing over 20 pounds in the first 40 days of using NutriMost.
The downfall of most weight loss programs is that they are a one size fits all solution. Each human body is unique and has a different way of losing weight and gaining weight. This is why NutriMost is more effective than other weight loss programs. Licensed physicians (see, will be able to help determine the type of body that you have in regards to weight loss and weight gain. This will help NutriMost professionals to cater a special weight loss program that will be unique to your body style. This will be something that will not only help you in the short term but can help you to keep the weight off for many years to come.

NutriMost has been very successful in helping many individuals live a much healthier life using their Nutrimost Recipes. There are very few weight loss programs that will be as effective as NutriMost. NutriMost helps individuals to create the diet that is going to give their body what it actually needs. By eating healthier, the body will function at a much higher level due to the increase of nutrients. This will make the weight loss process much easier to go through. It will be very easy to see results with the NutriMost weight loss system.

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NutriMost Taught Me A Lot About Food

I took the 40 pounds in 40 days twitter challenge, and I did it with NutriMost because of the story I saw on NY Daily News. I new that that was something I could do because I have tried other diets, but this is the only one I have found that was going to teach me about food. I do not know a lot about food, but I know that I will be able to lose weight on this program because it is educational.
I did not know what all the food I was eating was made of or how many calories it had. It was something that I was having a hard time with because I did not know what I was eating. I only knew that I was eating food without having any idea of how many calories it had or anything like that. It was important for me to learn these things, and I started learning it by using Nutrimost. Someone who wants to learn more about food can try NutriMost, and they are going to lose the 40 pounds in 40 days because it works so well. Not only was I learning, but I was also going to be able to keep on the plan because it made so much sense.

I was able to lose the 40 pounds, but I actually did it twice to lose 80 pounds so I could be back at the weight I was supposed to be. The best part of this is that it did not hurt to do it. makes it easy for people to lose the weight they want to lose, and if it can work for me it can work for you. You can eat from the plan, and you will feel great as you lose those pounds.
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Blogger Tries No Lather Shampoo By WEN for Shine and Volume

No one likes a bad hair day, especially women, because if our hair looks good, we feel good. It’s really that simple, and celebrity California stylist Chaz Dean understands this better than most. That’s why his special, no lather shampoo invention on has changed the way we wash our hair forever. WEN by Chaz is a unique cleansing conditioner that is gentle and healthy for hair. It is made from pure botanicals, eliminating the harsh detergents often found in regular shampoos.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was excited to try the WEN hair system for shinier, bigger, more manageable hair, so she made a 7-day WEN challenge to test out the product. She figured if fans around the world recommend the WEN system, then it would fix her often fine, limp hair and do it with the most natural method possible.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for its super moisturizing benefits. She pumped out the 10 minimum amount of cleansing conditioner for her medium length locks on She thought the amount might be overly ample, but once she massaged it into her scalp and hair, she fell in love with the gloss and volume her hair later delivered when styling.

Emily posted selfies for the 7-day hair washing challenge. She did admit that for WEN to work properly on, you must shower and style your tresses every morning.

Emily revealed that she is slightly lazier than most, and by skipping a day between washes or just substituting WEN wash at night, her hair became oily and flat quickly.

Emily hadn’t followed the WEN system with 100% effort and threw off the cleansing conditioner routine on ebay. When she did shower every morning and used WEN, she received compliments on her glossy, strong, healthy-looking hair.

Emily says she might try WEN again in the future.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is The Best Plastic Surgery Option In Austin

Plastic surgery is one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, and she has become a household name by appearing on TV and radio to talk about looking one’s best. Everyone who wants to change the way they look can work with Dr. Jennifer, and they can come to her office in Austin, Texas for help, and she will work with anyone to figure out what the best course of treatment is. People who come in for plastic surgery actually have a lot of options at their disposal, and they are all going to be able to pick the one thing that works for them.

Dr. Jennifer actually knows all the best designer surgeries, and she has been staying up to date on surgeries that will help women shape any part of their body. A designer surgery is not medically necessary, but it is going to help a woman feel beautiful again after years of dealing with a problem with her image. Anything that should not be address with surgery can be handled using special products offered by plastic surgeons, and Dr. Jennifer often does all these procedures on her own.

The staff in the office is very nice, and they have a cozy place for people to relax that is going to help people get comfortable before they go back to get their work done. The comfort in the office is the most important part for all the patients, and people who get nervous when they go to the doctor are going to be able to get past that because the office feels so comfortable to be in.

Dr. Jennifer is willing to work with anyone to help them look great, and she recommends what she thinks people need most when they come in for surgeries. There are a lot of things that people can get done, and they all need to make sure that they ask what can be done to help them. Dr. Jennifer is going to make life better for her patients by helping them change their looks, and she makes life easier for people who want to make a change.


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U.S. Money Reserve Releases New Website

U.S. Money Reserve, one of the most trusted brokers for precious metals, has unveiled an upgraded website which allows customers to explore the new features while they look for precious metals to invest in. The new site is considered a symbol of its status.

The new interface makes it easier for people to navigate and make investments in precious metals. The site proves to be a better representation of what US Money Reserve stands for. With the new website, the owner of the company is better able to generate content for all devices. This new and improved tool makes the process a lot more efficient for both the investors and the brokers.

U.S. Money Reserve was started by veterans of the gold market that were frustrated with the way the market was run. They sought to find ways to make the process more efficient for traders. They eventually founded U.S. Money Reserve which not only improves market efficiency, but it also presents clients with the highest quslity of precious metals they could find. Read more: US Money Reserve – We strive to provide the most.

That way, people can be sure that they have precious metals that appreciates in value over time so that the holders of the asset can make huge profits.

Among the activities that U.S. Money Reserve does is keep in contact with its clients to consult with them one on one. They also do special offline releases and purchasing assistance. U.S. Money Reserve has a buy back guarantee in which they will refund the current market value of the precious metal within 30 days. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

These features of U.S. Money Reserve is what keeps customers returning. It also attracts new investors to the possibility of profiting from the precious metals that they have to offer. With the new website, U.S. Money Reserve is sure to reach new heights of success.

The original article was released on CBS 19.

The True Story of Yeonmi Park

It takes reading about another person’s backstory for many people to truly understanding what different perspectives on life are like. This could not ring truer for many, including one Yeonmi Park of North Korea.
Park, who was once a citizen of North Korea, is one of the few who successfully defected from the country in favor of a far less restrictive lifestyle. According to’s interview on Park herself, the concept of freedom used to be nothing more than a word to her, saying that having food and water were the happiest she could be earlier in life. That changed when her family witnessed the imprisonment of her father under the regime of then-leader Kim Jong-Il, and with that, learning just how brutal and repressive the government could truly be. She was prompted to try and seek true freedom after this and eventually fled the country alongside her family. However, her successful escape from North Korea has not gone unnoticed, as the current government lead by Kim Jong-Un has taken to launching propaganda campaigns against Park and her family, suggesting that they are agents and spies for the United States.

Park was born in the Hyesan district of North Korea, her father working as a civil servant for the North Korean Workers Party and her mother was a nurse for the North Korean Army. Park and her family enjoyed a fairly privileged life in her youth, but the family began encountering struggles as she got older. One such example involved her father being arrested and imprisoned for illegal insider trading. Between this and watching a pirated movie and understanding its story, this is what prompted Park and her family to try and leave North Korea. After successfully crossing the border into neighboring China, the family enlisted the help of Christian missionaries and human traffickers to get into Mongolia. From there the family remained for some time before making their way to South Korea where they began to build a new life there. Park’s father was unable to make the journey due to colon cancer, which he passed away from some time earlier.

Ross Abelow – A Man of the People (and the Pets)

New York state is home to over 160,000 attorneys, far more than any other state in the country, with the exception of California, which runs a very close second. The New York state bar exam was ranked the 13th most difficult exam in the nation on an unofficial list posted on the Witnesseth website a few years ago.

New York attorneys are some of the most diversified in the nation, mostly due to the fact that it boasts the 3rd highest population among the states. Because of the large number of people located in New York, it offers a vast array of opportunities for attorneys to hone their skills, and they typically do so by choosing one or two areas of interest in which to concentrate their practice.

Attorney Ross Abelow is a standout among the 160,000+ New York attorney population. He is a graduate of New York University and Brooklyn Law College. Ross’ areas of expertise include entertainment law, family and matrimonial law, and he also specializes in litigation. A good litigation attorney is essential to anyone dealing with a potential court appearance. Anyone living in New York who is facing divorce, child custody issues, alimony and child support payments and the like, should consider contacting Ross for their needs.

Many New York based entertainers look to Ross for guidance and assistance in dealing with contract signings and disputes, issues over intellectual property and the myriad of specialized issues that are inherent to the entertainment business. Ross is their go-to guy.

Ross Abelow is the attorney with a heart. He’s not just an advocate for the people. Earlier this year, Ross initiated a campaign to raise funds for the homeless animal shelters in New York, with all proceeds going to local shelters to procure much needed supplies for the animals.

New Yorkers would be hard pressed to find a better attorney than Ross Abelow.

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Halvorssen Gets Candid on Fox News

A professional but heated 3 minute talk took place between Thor Halvorssen and Fox News on the Intelligence Report. Halvorssen spoke rather candidly about his opinion on Bernie and why he’s all for him. His reasoning was that there is a difference between a socialist country and one that violates the human rights of its people. The interviewer stated the question to Halvorssen as if to make socialism and human rights violations one and the same. He quickly qualified how socialism could work as long as a government didn’t use it as a way to hurt the people or as a mask as he stated when the government says its going to institute socialism and then uses it to overpower them.


The examples of good socialist nations with a balance of power that include a constitution with checks and balances was Sweden and Denmark. The one country that he used as an example of a bad use of socialism was Argentina. He has the full authority to speak on the subject as he and his family lived there. His father was a political prisoner and his mother shot by Hugo Chavez. This was a shock to the interviewer but she did say that he knew exactly what he was talking about.


One example he gave was the Argentine government was one that set prices a certain way because they felt like it and now there are major shortages with an impending humanitarian crisis pending. This, he said is an example of not socialism but the ignorance that people have about socialism and that it in and of itself is not bad. It’s what motive the government has to use socialism and what checks and balances are going to be in place.
Thor Halvorssen proudly admitted to giving a campaign contribution to Bernie Sanders because the alternative on the Liberal Side took millions from countries with barbaric practices such as executing people for being gay, banning Christmas, abuse and kill women in the name of belief systems that don’t match our own here. He stated clearly that Bernie was the better bet. Follow Halvorssen on Twitter to see what he’s up to recently.

Marc Sparks, Venture Capitalist, CEO and Entrepreneur

In today’s business world, meetings that include presentations are commonplace. We have all sat through long and boring presentations at some point. According to venture capitalist Marc Sparks, a well thought out presentation is the key to selling an idea to an audience.

Mark Sparks offers his sound advice on giving a presentation by recommending 4 important points (more here – One is to express your point when using visuals. Don’t waste time with visuals that do not relate to the topic you’re discussing. When presenting data, tell a story about how you are going to be successful using your proven data to back up your story and make it believable. Backing up your ideas with facts is a sound way to keep your audience interested.

The third point that Marc Sparks stresses is to keep your presentation simple and, get right to the point. If a presentation is too difficult to understand, your audience may lose focus. Finally, bring out your entire team to accentuate your point. It helps show that your ideas are legit.

Marc Sparks is an extremely successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was born in 1960 and grew up in Cleveland and St. Louis. Marc Sparks has a heavy background in music, as he grew up working alongside St. Louis Symphony flutist Jacob Berg. He started off with the Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio and the Caracas Symphony in Venezuela.

Marc Sparks also is a teacher, teaching at Missouri’s Innsbrook Institute and is a faculty member at the Aspen Music Festival and School. He has served time as a faculty member at the Peabody Institute, and he also owns and operates a private studio in St. Louis.

An Amazon book said that Marc Sparks has a deep background in the insurance, premium finance, surety bonding and investment banking fields. He has founded and operated many insurance firms, and over the last decade has managed casualty and property insurance companies and a well known surety bonding agency. Marc Sparks is Chairman Chief Executive Officer of Unistar Financial Service Corporation, and he also works as a Member of Executive and Compensation Committees.