Securus Technologies Launches A New Communication App

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technological solutions related to criminal justice, public investigation, law enforcement, public safety and improved safety of inmates in correction centers. Located in Dallas Texas, Securus is dedicated to increasing safety through the simplest technological advancements invented by their most trained experienced staffs and their software developers that they have increased in number recently. Securus Technologies ensure that the create links and connections of inmates to their families and also connecting inmates to their patented technology and helping investigations in most of the correction agencies.

Securus staffs are technologists, engineers, thinkers who are perfect in technology. Recently Securus has released an inmate communication application named video visitation app applicable to androids and apple devices that help unite families despite the distance and friends too frequently and during important events. It is a more convenient way to connect inmates in correction centers with their families. Sometimes visiting the incarcerated ones is not easy for many people. One has to make long queues and sometimes ends up disappointed when time ends without seeing them. Other prisons are far away from hope and too expensive to make regular visits. However, there will be more options with the video visitation application as there is mobility. Sometimes prisoners cannot connect with their families due to costs.

Video visitation allows inmates to communicate through Wi-Fi networks to their loved ones with less hustle. The application will allow you talk even in remote networks. You can synchronize the details in your calendar and will receive scheduled notifications for the next visit. The video is also high quality, and the inmates can celebrate with you during birthday parties and many important events. The application does not require tethered computers or added hardware as it can work with mobile devices with data or Wi-Fi. It is also available on play store and app store for Apple devices.

Securus Technologies has been of great service to more than 3000 inmate agencies around Texas and of great support to many inmates around North America. Most of their products are meant to offer services that will promote public safety through technology. The company is the largest provider of inmate communications with collective intelligence from their service to many prisons and law enforcement agencies including theirĀ inmate phone calls system. They provide a full criminal life cycle solutions and have made many innovations while looking for solutions to that. Their video visitation app will most definitely link back your longtime friend or relative incarcerated in a correction center. They will look forward to clearing their time and go back to their loved ones after you show them your concern through video chat communications. Download their app by clicking on this link here:

New Look for Pittsburgh Steelers Fashion Gear and Fan Site

Even before the Pittsburgh Steelers took the first snap of the season, fans were given access to a newly launched Steelers fan website and fan gear store. The Steelers Pro Shop landing page is vibrant with the black and gold home colors. The new site not only offers an easy to use interface for finding and purchasing your favorite apparel or tailgating accessories, but you can also view how other die-hard fans display their team loyalty with creative fashion statements, or connect with the organization to receive exclusive team news and content via email. Hats off to Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning. She specifically planned the site to be simple, fast and responsive on mobile as well as home devices. As far as the new apparel line-up goes, how can you go wrong with Steelers charms by Pandora jewelry; or big name designers like Victoria’s Secrets, Tommy Bahama and Nike Golf. The mixing of your favorite sports team with a urban gear flavor seems to be at a winning combination that McGalla has plenty of expertise in. Prior to taking on re-hauling the Pittsburgh fan-gear line, she was President of American Eagle Outfitters and CEO of Wet Seal. Demonstrating a results-driven work ethic, Ms. McGalla has moved through the Pittsburgh business community from management to fashion branding. Persistently, she ventured to move the American Eagle brand from a men’s sportswear leader to offering a women’s apparel and accessories line. Her creativity and independent thinking catapulted her into middle and upper management levels where she proved targeted customer research would improve quality and sales trends. Now that Susan McGalla is trusted on wikinvest with building the iconic Pittsburgh Steelers brand, fans should expect fashion that goes beyond game time. Already she’s responding to fans that want the same gear worn by players and staff on the sidelines; men who desire work clothes with the Steelers emblem; and women, who simply desire their fan fashion to more closely reflect a feminine silhouette. Trust that fans will not be disappointed, from a woman who knows how to deliver retail apparel geared to the consumer.

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Premium Pet Food on the Rise

With the rise in health conscious eating, it should come as no surprise that this philosophy of organic, quality ingredients has extended to the pet food market. Dog owners are becoming increasingly more aware of what they are feeding their pets. In the $23.7 billion pet food industry, there has been a rise in independent innovators bringing more healthy and flavorful options to the table. This influx of new brands has caused some of the more established pet food companies to reevaluate their marketing strategies on Facebook involving healthier options for dogs. One example of this shift in branding is the new Beneful line from Purina. Beneful uses only the highest quality ingredients, including vitamin rich vegetables and real meat, in their new line of health conscious dog foods. With over 30 options in categories ranging from dog treats, to wet and dry food offerings, Beneful is sure to have something for every dog. With specialized offerings ranging from weight management, to dental and fur health, Beneful offers premium nutrition for all dogs. Owners across the country have expressed their overwhelming satisfaction with both the nutritional value, and flavor offered by the line of Beneful products. Due to an increased awareness in pet nutrition, the quality and cost of pet food is on the rise. Some premium pet foods can cost up to double that of standard dog food offerings. Sales of premium pet foods have climbed to over $103 million in the last year, an increase of 37%. The growing success of premium pet food options ensures that this trend is here to stay.

How the Lime Crime Line of Makeup Has Changed Cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics, the vast majority of people out there know how boring and routine the colors and shades can be. One of the major issues that comes with having to buy makeup is wondering what happens to be new on the market. If this has been an issue for you lately, it might be time for you to consider going with the Lime Crime brand of makeup. Lime Crime is a brand that has been created and founded by a woman named Doe Deere and she has made it so that there is a gorgeous amount of colors and shades that you can choose.

The wonderful thing about the Lime Crime brand of makeup is that there are a lot of different types of colors that you can pick. The colors of lipstick and the variety of different blushes and bronzers make it easy for you to customize your look and have something truly unique. This is why a lot of women are choosing Lime Crime for themselves. The best part about the brand is that it is cruelty-free and all vegan for those who are looking for a brand that has both of these things included into them.

Doe Deere is the founder of the Lime Crime brand of makeup and has many years of experience in the makeup industry. Her main goal with the line is to offer lots of different colors and shades that you would not normally find out in the marketplace. Currently, she is reaching out to have her cosmetics sold in more popular stores, but she also has an online shop where you can browse and have the items ordered in no time. Doe Deere has made it her life’s mission to provide awesome cosmetics without worrying about cruelty or having to deal with products containing animal products.

This is why a lot of women have been choosing the Doe Deere Lime Crime line of makeup. Doe Deere has created a line specific to the average woman who is tired of the same old boring colors and looks in the local drugstore. Instead, you can find the best items to meet your needs and know that you are going to be wearing something that is unlike anything that you have ever seen before in the past. This is why it is so important that you look into working with this line if you want to switch.

Besides Doe Deere and her own life’s mission, you will find that the brand is affordable and can easily fit into your established budget with no problems. So many people are looking into Lime Crime for themselves and this might be a viable option for your own makeup needs as well. Make sure to take a look at the Doe Deere site and choose from some of the top products that she currently has available to the public. You can change your overall look in no time when you switch to the Lime Crime brand created by Doe Deere.

Shiny Coat and a Longer Life Are Two Possible Benefits of High Quality Dog Food, Remember It’s For The Dog

A fabulous article on wikipedia all about the makers of premium dog food has been making the rounds on the internet. This article has become so popular due to it’s content. Dog food good enough of people to eat. It seems to be the new direction that dog food is going these days with many classic companies heading up the effort. One of the biggest known high quality dog foods is made by the one and only Purina company which, makes Beneful a high quality food even the kids can eat. Check out the article here that was in the Daily Herald. It is all about the new times of quality dog food. They have production lines that actually have people taking a test taste to make sure that the quality is high enough for everyone’s favorite animal, the dog. Dogs have taste buds as well and deserve to eat some of the best quality food out there and Beneful is making it possible which, has all dogs seeing mirages of a long and healthy life. While it might not increase their life span, healthy eating helps ours and might help theirs. So be sure to head right down the the local store and pick up a bag,it might be hard to find. The reason for that is it is now often inside the fridge section with an expiration date on it. The most important thing is to keep all pups healthy and wise. For dog owners everywhere this will lead to a lot of great things. When a dog has a high quality food such as Beneful everything changes. The dog likes the food more, maintains a healthy weight, a shinier coat and a happy disposition. If drinking water, eating healthy and exercise makes the rest of us healthy and happy, just think what it can do for a dog. The benefits to both dog and owner are tremendous and don’t forget your dog will thank you for it. Don’t be surprised with you four legged friend when he wraps his paws around you and squeezes out one huge hug.

How To Find A Good New York City Lawyer

The legal system in New York state can deliver harsh penalties to those accused of crimes and cause serious financial suffering for those who face civil cases. For this reason, you need a good attorney to stick up for you in court. This can minimize time spent in jail time and fines. Civil cases can result in serious financial pain and suffering. There are many lawyers that are available in New York City, but you want to make sure that you are getting a good one. When you are looking for a lawyer, you should delve into doing as much research as you can on finding the best one you can. Luckily, finding a good lawyer is not as difficult as you might expect it to be. The internet contains a wealth of information that can assist you in your search.

When you are looking for a lawyer in New York City, do research in New York City lawyers that specialize in the specific area of law that you are looking for. For instance, if you are facing a charge for drunk driving you would need a different type of lawyer than if you were being charged with embezzlement. Also, if you are facing a civil case, that may also require a different type of lawyer. When you find a lawyer that you are considering in the specialty that you need, check into their history. Read reviews to verify that they are effective in the courtroom. In addition to reading reviews, it may be a good idea to run their name through a background search. This can help to assure that the lawyer is somebody you can trust. Furthermore, to ensure the trustworthiness of a lawyer, it is often a good idea to look at what they post on social media.

If you are looking for a lawyer that you can be sure is effective and reputable, you can hire Ross Abelow. Ross Abelow got his undergraduate degree from SUNY Albany, and he went to law school at Brooklyn Law School. He has a history of effectively winning cases for clients.

Ross Abelow has shown himself to be extremely effective in the courtroom. He specializes in several different areas of civil law. He works with entertainment law, matrimony law, commercial litigation, and family law. In these areas of law, he has exceptional expertise. With him on your side, you will be getting the best representation you can.

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Is It A Good Idea To Invest In Luxury Dog Food?

It may not be the right decision if you are currently struggling to be able to give your dog food on a budget. The truth is that premium luxury foods can be too much of a luxury if you don’t have the means to buy such expensive food. The truth about this type of dog food is that they are very rich in nutrition and natural health to guide your dog to stay strong as they get older. It’s tough to keep a dog energized and awake throughout the day once they reach a certain age, and so feeding them the right foods pays off in the long run.
Is It A Good Idea To Invest In Luxury Dog Food?
They provide nothing but great tasting flavored foods for your dog. It will only benefit this and give them something good to eat. It’ll also provide great opportunities for your dog to get healthy and strong nutrients to provide the right things they need. The best way to give your dog the best health is to invest in good luxury dog food. Obviously, it is going to be a bit too expensive for you, band this is why you should remain as wise as you can be with your dog food and what you provide for your dog. The truth about the luxury dog food industry is that more than $23 billion has been spent in this industry. Countless dog owners are finding it more and more worth it to invest for their dogs, and it’s very true that dogs do need the right nutrition. The key to saving money at the same time is to make sure that you always and only buy from respected affordable brands like Beneful. Beneful is a great brand on how cheap they can be for you if you are very wise with your marketing choices, they provide very affordable options for you. They provide amazing dog food just like The expensive brands like Freshpet. What sets Beneful apart is just how they handle business and product creation efficiently. They always deliver quality affordable products for dogs.

Three Entertaining Apps To Use On The iPhone

Twenty years ago, cellphones were considered a luxury item. Today they have morphed into a necessity and it is hard to imagine life without one. As technology continues to change there is always something new right around the corner. Applications, more commonly referred to as apps, have become a huge business. They are always coming up with something new for the iPhone and iPad.

Last holiday season the GoPro camera was one of the most popular tech toys on the market. This year they have developed an app that cuts out the middle man. Users no longer have to wait till the vacation is over to share videos. If dad could not make it to his sons first game, mom can send the video right to one of the social media sites.

They are not the only company to come up with innovative ideas. Amazon has an app that allows subscribers to watch television right from their iPhone. If a user subscribes to Amazon Prime they can do this for free. It might even be possible to watch some movies without being connected at all. There are many movies and television shows available to watch.

Skout is a new app worth checking into, it allows users who share similar interests a chance to learn more about each other. There is no need to meet at the local bar right away, instead get to know each other by using Skouts version of instant message. This app works great for both introverts and extroverts alike. It is an entertaining app and the user is in control of their own preferences. It is great for men and women who travel frequently because they can even search for people in their current location.

This app is perfect for the user who enjoys giving gifts. It just takes one click and it is on its way. If the user comes across an interesting person than there is an option to hold on to it for later. Skout also allows users to collect points that they can redeem to unlock fun surprises.

One of the great things about this application is that the company does not approve racy pictures. Skout is a classy app that prefers to keep it clean. This is a huge relief to many who are looking for a real connection of friendship or love.

Skout is easy to use by simply touching the picture of another user. It allows users to search for specific criteria as well. This is nice because it allows the user to pull up everyone on the app within a particular location. That way the user is not clicking on someone who is a great distance away or even in another country, unless they are interested in traveling elsewhere.

If both users are interested, then a conversation through the application is the next step. Skout is a great way to meet new people and who knows, maybe the love of your life.

Doe Deere’s Influence On Online Makeup World

Makeup is simply a category of viable business in the beauty industry. It could be selling beauty products, teaching people how to apply makeup, helping others run makeup business, becoming affiliates to other beauty companies and so on. Doe Deere is one such pioneer in the beauty world who has gone through extensive training and studies in the beauty industry before building her own unique empire. She is one of the few beauty and makeup experts who is not only multi-talented but successful in every venture that she has undertaken. She is a business woman, makeup artist, teacher, motivator and an expert in the field of her passion.

Doe Deere has taken her skills to the online world and been making huge impact in the online community. She says producing a beauty show on the internet requires not only the same skills in the real world but also technical ability and touch of latest trends. The scale of her popularity is very different from what most other beauty experts are experiencing. Her business is seeing rapid growth in terms of popularity and sales. She has been tapping into the online world to market her products and services and at the same time is at the advantage as well. Doe Deere got into this business early and many others have been following her footsteps ever since.

Yet makeup industry is still widely misunderstood. People who have made big in this industry have the rest of the world thinking what the big deal is about it. The answer is makeup has its own history and presence in the real world. It is one industry that hasn’t lost its charm since many centuries. Taking this business online lets experts like Doe Deere interact with customers on a daily basis. It lets them take advantage of the immense potential this industry has. Most people want a fast return when it comes to selling makeup products and services. Know that it takes time to impress a large base of audience in the makeup world. Not only that it is important to consider the quality of customer’s experience with those services. Many entrepreneurs have fallen on their faces because they did not heed to customer reviews and forged ahead anyway. Just name alone isn’t enough to stand on in this industry. It takes real skills and efforts like that of Doe Deere to make big.

When customers visit Doe Deere’s makeup articles and tips, videos and audios, it is for an hour or two because she knows how to keep her audience interesting with her makeup techniques. Without doubt, Doe Deere offers her customers the interactive way to communicate with her. Her audience in fact are diverse in every way as they are from every education level, skill level, background and color from across the globe. Because of this immense diversity, Doe Deere is a household name. She is someone who will cut through the hype and get to the point when it comes to makeup.

New York Real Estate market show promise in 2015

According to recent reports in the Real Deal, overall Brooklyn real estate vacancies have dropped by 1% in the third quarter of 2015. In residential sales, Manhattan saw a sharp absorption decline in November of 2015. Brooklyn reported that nearly half of their developmental inventory has sold. Manhattan’s luxury apartments are selling at the highest at the highest rate in 10 years.

Multi-family dwellings have seen a 97% jump from August to September. Lower Fifth Avenue apartment rents have moved up by 14.2%. Manhattan’s vacancy rate remained steady in the third quarter. Office space rent has risen to just over $71 per square foot. The reports show that New York’s real estate market is a sleeping giant primed to explode over the next few months.

Town Residential is one of the most prestigious rental rental services in New York City Apartments For Sale. The company specializes in luxury homes and apartments and has won a number excellent awards for its customer service. Town Residential employs a team of high-powered professionals who have decades of experience in the real estate industry. Founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt, Town Residential has cemented its reputation as one of the best in the real estate renting/leasing class.

Town’s agents take a hands on, hand-crafted approach to property leasing. Each client is given specialized attention and an opportunity to find a special dwelling to fit their needs. Clients from all over the world have given Town Residential the seal of approval. The company also ranks in the top 50 of best places to work in New York.